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What is InfiniGrow?
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InfiniGrow is an AI-Driven Revenue Marketing platform for B2B marketing teams.

With InfiniGrow, you can easily analyze the revenue impact of your marketing activities and plan your budget allocations to achieve maximum performance.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of the platform:

You can use InfiniGrow to:

1. Align and unify your customer journeys as well as your live marketing, sales, and financial data.

2. Measure the business impact, time-to-impact and ROI of any marketing activity, based on automated multi-touch attribution analysis.

3. Forecast the different outcomes of your various budget scenario or use our AI engine to receive a more effective plan.

4. Make better, faster, smarter budget decisions by constantly re-allocating your budgets towards the scenarios that are most likely to hit your desired outcomes.

In short, with InfiniGrow you can build a revenue marketing machine (measurable, predictable, scalable) automating everything from analyzing your data to forecasting business outcomes and optimizing budget planning, iteratively.

You will also gain alignment on your goals & outcomes with Sales and Finance, removing one of the biggest barriers to growth - revenue org misalignment.

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