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December 2022
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Create your 2023 plan using InfiniGrow's new forecaster.

With InfiniGrow Forecaster, you can predict the outcome of any marketing investment and identify optimal budget scenarios.

Access the forecaster at the bottom of the budget tab (Plan section).

Start by adding your 2023 marketing plan to InfiniGrow and view the predicted results. Create alternative budget scenarios to find the optimal plan.

Velocity improvements

We've upgraded the velocity calculation to be more accurate and to better represent the duration between transitions.

  • Now object-to-object velocity calculation uses CRM associations, which results in more accurate calculations that take into account the users who actually contributed to the transition.

  • Additionally, channel velocity calculations have been improved to better reflect a channel’s impact on velocity.

Learn how InfiniGrow calculates velocity.

Account Conversion Rates

A new account-based conversion rate metric has been added to overcome one of the most complex calculations in B2B marketing - object-to-object conversion rates.

In the funnel view and Historical Performance widget, you can see account conversion rates for object-to-object conversions. same-object conversion rates (such as Opp to Closed Won) weren't affected by this change.

Learn how InfiniGrow calculates conversion rates.

Track your progress toward success

Goals "pacing for" trajectory is now visible in the Dashboard’s Goals widget as well as the Goals page.

Hovering over the icon below the goal allows you to see your progress toward your goal, and the expected outcome based on current results.

Learn how to set up new goals

Object filtering

You can now filter specific objects right from the CRM Fields filter.

For example, you can filter out outbound Opps, on a journey that includes both inbound and outbound Opps, while still seeing the account’s inbound Opps.

Learn more about filtering.

Cohort Analysis

Perform cohort analysis of your data on every interaction a prospect had with your brand, not just on funnel transitions.

For example, you can analyze how a group of people who interacted with a specific campaign during a specific time period later progressed through the funnel, and which channels they interacted with.

To do so, limit the time frame in which selected conditions must occur by adding a "custom date" constraint to your filters.

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