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The Dashboard

Learn more about InfiniGrow's Dashboard

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As a marketing leader, it’s simply not possible to keep track of every small detail surrounding your marketing initiatives. That’s where InfiniGrow’s dashboard comes in!

The dashboard will help you quickly get a top-level understanding of how the marketing team is doing.

Top-Level Metrics Bar

At the top of your dashboard, you’ll get a high-level reporting of several key metrics. These metrics will be presented according to the time frame selected on the top right dropdown.

  1. Spend: your total spend during the time period, across all channels

  2. New MQLs: The amount of MQLs generated during the time period.

  3. New SQLs: The amount of SQLs generated during the time period.

  4. New Pipeline: The amount of pipeline (potential revenue) generated over the selected time period.

Funnel View

The funnel provides an intuitive visualization of your business outcomes, across all stages.

  1. Funnel metrics: Each company’s funnel is different, and yours may be different to the one shown on the screenshot above. The funnel you’ll see will be based on your configuration setting and your CRM setup. If you need help with setting up your funnel, reach out to your CSM.

  2. Conversion rates & Velocities: by default, your funnel will present cohort conversion rates on the selected timeframe, and the time it took on average to transition from one stage to another.

    * Cohort Conversion Rates: hovering over any step in your funnel will present the cohort conversion rate - the conversion rate for the cohort of users who are currently in the chosen stage. Read more about conversion rates in InfiniGrow

  3. Marketing-Attributed Pipeline: The amount of potential revenue generated over the selected time period, which was attributed to marketing, based on your selected attribution model.

The Budget Tracker

At the bottom left corner of your dashboard, you’ll be able to get information about your current spend and your budget.

  1. Budget: The big number at the top of the widget shows you your budget during the selected time frame, according to your budget plan (head over to the Plan section to see where the budget comes from)

  2. “Left to invest”: Below your budget, you’ll see how much is left to invest during the selected time period, given your total budget and your spend (which you can see over at the Top-Level Metrics Bar)

  3. Depending on whether you’re on over-spending, under-spending, or right on track, you’ll see a different message letting you know what’s your pace, compared to your plan.

The Off-Track Widget

To the right of the Budget Tracker, you’ll get a breakdown of top channels/campaigns, and easily see which channels you’re over or under spending in.

Spend vs. Attributed Impact

This widget allows you to see a side-by-side comparison of your spend and the business impact attributed to each channel.

On the left, you’ll see the spend per channel, represented as a progress bar compared to the planned spend of that channel. On the right, you’ll see a similar breakdown of each channel’s business impact - note that you can toggle between metrics (such as SQLs, Opportunities, Customers) using the dropdown.

Hopefully, you are now able to utilize the Dashboard to keep track of your marketing performance. Need any further assistance? Contact your CSM and they'll be happy to help!

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