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August 2023
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NEW! Insights section

Introducing a new optimization flow - Insights!

Insights will help you achieve all your objectives by focusing on actionable insights tailored to optimize your marketing strategy.

Meet the Insights Flow -

  1. Select your focus KPI (your goal),

  2. Insights will automatically spotlight both your best-performing and underperforming segments based on performance or its trend.

  3. Drill down into any segment for a comprehensive analysis, pinpointing the top segments and segment combinations you should prioritize to guarantee you meet your targets.

Get to know the Insights flow


Utilize InfiniGrow’s unique data structure with AI analysis.

You can now export your anonymized data and use it alongside InfiniGrow’s AI Prompts for deep, efficient analysis that couldn’t be done before. Simply copy the desired prompt into the ChatGPT Code Interpreter and upload the corresponding data set to gain new insights from your data.

Our current prompts:

  • Find correlations between spend and impact

  • Find your most impactful persona

  • Generate diminishing return curves

  • Uncover correlations between any channel’s spend and your dark funnel

Find the prompts and data exports in the Insights section under the AI Prompts tab.

Have a new idea for a prompt? Tell your CSM. The best prompt ideas will be added to InfiniGrow.

Reveal your data journey with InfiniGrow’s operational flows

Get to know InfiniGrow's operational workflows and see how your data is automatically processed. With Workflows, understand how InfiniGrow structures and unifies your data to guarantee its accuracy, prepping it for analysis and reporting. In the Workflows tab, you can see your account's active flows and their components, and learn about more available flows.

Access the Workflows tab under Attribution Management.

Segment Tab UI Enhancements

The Segment tab has been revamped for better clarity and functionality.

We've refined the UI of the Segment tab widgets, enhancing their context and making them more intuitive, thus enabling you to derive insights in a fraction of the time.

Impact by Segment:

Sporting a fresh look, it now offers added metrics to help pinpoint your standout segments. Compare each segment's performance to the average and track its trend over the past 3 months.

Segment Analysis:

Introducing the 'Expand Mode' in the Segment Analysis Table which reveals additional metrics for each segment:

  1. Percent of total

  2. Comparison to average

  3. 3-month trend

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