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October 2023
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Making it easier to manage and build reports

New features in the Reports tab ensure streamlined report management, editing, and collaboration:

  • Duplicate widgets or entire reports with ease.

  • Share reports with team members and management using direct links.

  • Rearrange widgets using drag and drop.

You can also add the Journey Table into any report, similar to other Analyze widgets. This means you can, for instance, monitor new touchpoints of targeted accounts in your ABM report.

Support Rolling Timeframe

You can now set any type of rolling timeframe using our new “Rolling” timeframe UI. Use the new rolling capabilities for building rolling reports, such as last 7 days, 30 days or two quarters.

Map website link clicks as touchpoints

You can now map channels or content touchpoints based on the click action on your website. For example, you can count a touchpoint for a PDF download based on the download click, even if it redirects to an external site or PDF file.

Simply use the “Click URL” option in your mapping rules.

Better support in SFDC

We've added new functionalities for SFDC CRM users:

  • Content & Campaign connectivity - Easily access SFDC campaigns from the Campaigns & Content tabs. Just click on the content/campaign name and use the content navigation menu.

  • Extended custom object support - Custom objects can now be used as funnel transitions and seamlessly merge into journeys, as if they're a standard “InfiniGrow contact object.”

  • Campaign timestamp management - Customize how you log the timestamps of SFDC campaign members in InfiniGrow. You can now use any custom field as your timestamp, instead of the default campaign membership timestamp. This is especially useful for list uploads.

Funnel view in Analyze

The Funnel View widget from the Dashboard is now also available in Analyze/Overview. This move enables you to apply filters to your funnel view and incorporate it into any report, providing a comprehensive view of all funnel stages and conversion rates for any business segment in a single widget.

General improvements:

  • Impact by Segment UI Upgrade: Now in all Analyze tabs, this improved UI lets you compare against the average, spot top performers, and check trends for each segment.

  • Trend indicators in Insights goals: Goals and optimization metrics in Insights now come with trend indicators, helping you pinpoint when a goal is on the decline.

  • Expanded Segment Analysis: Segment Analysis now also supports content, now you can analyze, for example, which job title works with which content type.

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