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February 2023
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New and better SFDC Campaigns integration

We’ve upgraded our SFDC campaigns integration so you can easily add and remove SFDC Campaigns fields from InfinGrow. You now have a better experience importing the relevant data from your Salesforce Campaigns into InfiniGrow and using it for channel mapping, segmentation, and efficiency & ROI analysis.

Cost filters

You can now filter your campaigns based on their cost. Using cost filters, you can filter campaigns costs based on:

  • Cost amount

  • Campaign label for integrated channels' campaigns

  • Campaign type and name for SFDC campaigns

  • Campaign source (channel) for non integrated channels.

Cost filters are available in both predefined filters and Analyze filters.

Learn more about Cost filters

Get a clear view of your Direct and Unmapped channels

We’ve added an unmapped channel separated from the Direct one. You can now see the true impact direct has on your funnel, and be sure you map all mappable touchpoints for accurate attribution.

Direct touchpoints are touchpoints that don’t have any UTM parameters, Referrer, or CRM lead sources.

New predicates for channel mapping rules

New mapping rules predicate options - “not equal” and “doesn’t include”.

You can now create mapping rules based on negative predicates, increasing the different ways you can construct channel rules.

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