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July 2023
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NEW! Segments Tab

Introducing the new 'Segments' tab under the Analyze section. This latest addition gives you the ability to analyze and compare the performance of different segments in a single view.

Use this tab to deep dive into the performance of any segment of users. Segmentation can be based on a variety of CRM fields such as region, product type, and lead source, as well as channel or campaign performance.

In the Segments tab, you'll meet two widgets:

  • Impact by Segment relocated from the overview tab.

  • Segment Analysis Table, a variation on the “Impact analysis table” widget found in other Analyze tabs.

The Segment Analysis Table introduces two layers of segmentation, empowering you to answer questions like, 'Which is the highest-performing channel in each region?' or 'Which product type has the best conversion rate for each buyer persona?'

New ways to filter your data

We've enriched the Analyze filters with the ability to perform object and account filtering across all filter categories. Now, you can dive even deeper into your data and tackle complex business questions like how leads who were influenced by Google Ads prior to lead transition converted across the funnel.

Archive unwanted touchpoint

We’ve added the ability to archive touchpoints and exclude them from both your view and the attribution analysis.

Touchpoints can be archived based on attributes such as lead source or UTM parameters and by their timestamp.

Leverage the new archive channel, to ensure that InfiniGrow's analysis only takes into account touchpoints that accurately represent your accounts journey.

Data Comparison Capabilities

We've now made it possible to compare your performance to the previous timeframe with just a single click. Simply select the 'Compare to previous period' option in the timeframe picker.

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