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September 2023
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Level Up with Our New Insights Flow

The Insights tab just got an upgrade and now offers a seamless journey – transitioning from goals to actionable insights. This optimized flow is designed to help surface optimization opportunities that will help you achieve your revenue targets.

Here's a breakdown:

  1. Select the volume goal you aim to enhance, one of your KPIs like Opportunities.

  2. After selecting, Insights will show you a set of optimization metrics you can choose from, metrics such as velocity and conversion rates.

  3. Depending on the metric chosen, InfiniGrow will spotlight top and bottom performing segments based on volume and trend.

  4. From there you can utilize the Segment Analysis Table to identify optimization opportunities that are most likely to generate a real impact.

Get to know the Insights flow

AI channel mapping

Channel mapping just got a whole lot simpler with our new AI mapping module. You can now use our AI mapping assistant to help you identify the channels you should map your data to. Once the AI mapping is enabled, you'll see its suggestions along with its confidence level. *Note: AI mappings only support InfiniGrow’s default channels.
learn more about channel mapping

Track Marketo activities in InfiniGrow

InfiniGrow now supports pulling data from Marketo activities, allowing for advanced channel mapping based on this information. This enables you to track and analyze activity data from Marketo, such as email opens, directly within InfiniGrow.

Contact your CSM to enable this in your account.

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