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May 2023
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Journey operation improvements

Journey merging logic and associating contacts to deals has never been easier. InfiniGrow automates these processes, saving you valuable time and eliminating operational headaches.

Improvements in Merging Logic: Simplifying Data Connections

We have upgraded our merging logic to establish better connections between leads, contacts, deals, and companies ensuring an accurate representation of each account journey. With our latest version, you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to merge contacts into accounts based on CRM associations or email domains.

Opportunity Enrichment: Comprehensive Deal Attribution

Introducing opportunity enrichment. You can now associate contacts/leads to deals based on their journey, going beyond CRM associations alone. With the flexibility to set an opportunity enrichment window, such as 6 months, InfiniGrow analyzes all touchpoints leading up to the deal creation within that specified timeframe. Contacts who have had relevant touchpoints during this period are automatically associated with the deal.
Learn more about InfinGrow's merging logic

*For more information and to activate those features, please reach out to your CSM.

Simplifying channel mapping

We’ve added new ways to map unmapped touchpoints, streamlining the mapping process:

Mapping unmapped touchpoints through Customer Journey popup:

You can now directly map unmapped touchpoints from the journey popup in the Journeys tab. Just click on any unmapped touchpoint and use the metadata hover to map the touchpoint to the right channel.

Bulk Mapping:

You can now search and bulk map multiple touchpoints. Easily map records with unique lead sources without scrolling through the entire unmapped table, to make sure each record is mapped to the right channel.

New Rolling timeframes

When you're analyzing data and generating reports, you now have the option to select rolling dates from the timeframe dropdown.

Current rolling date options:

  • Last 3 months.

  • Last 6 months.

  • Last 12 months.

***All rolling timeframes exclude today.

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