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November 2022
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Journey pop-up 2.0

The Journeys pop-up has been redesigned to make it easier to analyze customer journeys, and focus on what you care about.


You can filter every account journey to see only what interests you.

You can filter your view by: deals, contacts, and channels.

Cleaner view

To reduce clutter consecutive touchpoints from the same channel are collapsed into one touchpoint.

Don't worry, just click the ‘show’ button to see them all again.

Export Impact Analysis tables

You can now export the data from the Impact Analysis tables to a spreadsheet for advanced analysis and reporting.

To export filtered data, just apply your filters before clicking on the Export button.

Learn more about the impact analysis tables.

Related object filtering

Analyze Filters now allows you to filter by related objects’ fields. You can filter journeys based on CRM fields in one object, and then do your analysis on another funnel stage or object.

For example, you can filter your journeys to show only Opps, and then add a filter to show only the Opps for which the associated leads have a region field set to ‘US’.

Learn more about InfiniGrow’s filters here.

Map using UTM_campaign

Channel mapping rules now support UTM_campaign. Increase channel mapping accuracy by using UTM_campaign in your mapping rule.

Bing Integration Update

Now you can do more with the Bing ads integration:

  • We’ve added the ability to pull campaign labels and use them to better divide campaigns between business units.

  • Ad costs are updated daily to ensure ROI and Cost Per calculations are accurate.

To connect Bing ads to your InfiniGrow account go to the integration page. Connect now

Facebook Integration Update

We upgraded the Facebook ads integration:

  • Costs are updated daily, so every in app cost calculation is accurate.

  • UTM automatic mapping improvements.

To connect Facebook ads to your InfiniGrow account go to the integration page. Connect now

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