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How to add UTM mapping rules to a channel
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Say you've just created a new UTM and would like to map it to a channel or a category. No worries – not only can you add new mappings at any point in time, but InfiniGrow also tracks unmapped links and surfaces them for you to map (So for example, if you've started the campaign and realized you haven't mapped the channel correctly, you can go ahead and fix that after the fact).

To add a new mapping rule to one of your channels:

Start by going to Settings → Attribution Management.

Mapping Channels

Step 1: Choose the channel category and channel name you’d like to map.
In the image, we are mapping LinkedIn ads under Paid Social.

On the right side of the screen, you can see the channel settings, what department, channel type, and category this channel is connected to.

Underneath, you have your current mapping rules.

Step 2: To add a new rule, scroll down and click the "Add New Rule" button.

Step 3: Add your custom mapping rules to map your new UTM parameters to the channel.

That’s it!

Don’t forget to click “Save” 😉

Quick Tips:

  1. Once you finished mapping all of your current UTMs, try to stick to one UTM structure. This way, InfiniGrow will recognize new UTM links and map them to the right channel automatically.

  2. Created a new UTM with different rules? No problem! You can find all of your unmapped UTMs under "Unmapped Touchpoints". There, you can easily map them to the right channel.

  3. Be sure to check your unmapped touchpoints at least once a month so your data and attribution will remain as accurate as possible.

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