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Goal Setting

Set up goals and proxy metrics

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InfiniGrow aims to help you reach your goals by uncovering the impact your activities drive, and finding the ideal budget scenarios.

For that reason, adding your goals is key to using InfiniGrow successfully.

To add a new goal, start by navigating to Goals via the Settings icon at the top bar, or click the "Add Goal" button on your dashboard:

When creating a new KPI, you’re telling InfiniGrow where you want to be by the end of the KPI’s time frame. This will be used to analyze your pace in comparison to your goals, and to provide actionable recommendations to ensure you’ll reach your goals.

  • Priority:
    At InfiniGrow, you can prioritize your goals from your most important, top-level KPI all the way to the top of your funnel, using the Priority dropdown.

  • Target: Set the goal for the selected KPI.

  • Time frame: Set the time frame for reaching your target - is the KPI’s target a yearly, quarterly, or a monthly target?

  • End-goal/supportive: Your end goal is your top-level KPI. Usually, this will be revenue or customers. Supportive metrics are your proxies - metrics that you will use to make sure that you’re on track towards revenue KPIs.

To break down a yearly target into quarterly or monthly targets, click on Break target into milestones and setup your milestones.

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