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June 2023
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Edit and customize your reports

We're excited to introduce our Reports tab. You can now create new reports using Analyze widgets, streamlining the process of generating and updating your regular reports. With our latest update, you can directly modify the configuration of widgets within your reports. This means changing the timeframe, adding or removing filters, or updating the attribution model, all can be done within the report itself.

Learn how to create a new report.

Track your progress toward success

We've upgraded our Goals module to help you better track your progress toward reaching your KPIs.

The new Goals allow you to:

  • View both active and past goals.

  • Break down and track your yearly/quarterly goals into monthly milestones.

  • See if you’re on track or off track toward reaching your goals directly from the Dashboard view.

  • Add filters to your goals, allowing you to measure progress towards particular product lines, regions, sources, or any other metrics that matter to you.

Learn how to set up new goals

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