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January 2023
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Extensive support of associated objects

Associated objects are now supported in InfiniGrow. You can filter and analyze data from one object based on data from another.

Impact by segment: Analyze business segments using associated objects. For example, you can get a breakdown of leads (contact object) by their associated account region.

CRM fields filtering: choose to Include associated objects' values when filtering CRM objects by applying a new checkbox.

  • Journey filtering - Filter Based on non-funnel objects. For example, if you do not use the Company object for any funnel transition by applying the checkbox you can filter leads based on the associated company's industry.

  • Object filtering - Filter values from one stage and analyze the effect on other stages. For instance, filter accounts based on the associated leads' job title and then analyze opportunities related to those leads.

Journey popup filtering: When filtering to view a specific deal inside an account journey, you will now see all the data (transitions & touchpoints) associated with the deal and its associated contacts.

Attribution-based calculation of marketing vs sales.

Marketing vs. Sales calculations was updated to show the marketing and sales split based on the aggregated impact of all the channels that are marked as sales/marketing channels. Analyze your marketing department's impact on every funnel stage, Pipeline and Revenue.

Determine channels’ department via the Channels Attribution Management page.

Where will you see the change:

  • Marketing vs Sales Widget: Track the attributed impact of each department across your funnel.

  • Marketing vs Sales filter: Filter to analyze account journeys that were influenced by marketing channels.

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