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What is InfiniGrow's definition of a channel, a channel category, and a campaign?
What is InfiniGrow's definition of a channel, a channel category, and a campaign?

Better understand how InfiniGrow helps you make sense of your marketing data

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The definitions of channels, categories, and particularly campaigns, may differ between customers.

Below, we’ll provide the most common definitions.


A channel, also known as “source”, is any platform or provider through which the marketer performs marketing activities.

Examples of channels include LinkedIn Paid, Google Ads, SEO, Organic Facebook, Outbound Sales, Blog content and more.

Channel Category

A channel category, also known as “Medium”, defines specific characteristics of a group of channels. For example, the channel category for Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Quora Ads will be “Paid Social”.

* Please note - oftentimes marketers use UTM medium parameters such as”ppc”, “cpc”, etc.

This is not ideal, but easily fixable within InfiniGrow. To solve this, add mapping rules that map specific parameters to relevant channel categories.

For example, if you’re using:


and would like to make sure that Facebook paid campaigns are assigned correctly within InfiniGrow, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Data Structure page

2. Drill down into the Paid Social category

3. Choose Facebook Paid

4. Add a new mapping rule as follows:

  • Source equals facebook

  • Medium equals ppc


A campaign is a marketing activity, performed within one or through several marketing channels. A campaign will be characterized by its goal, messaging, and creative.

For example, a nurturing campaign can encourage leads to book a meeting, using a new message offering an exclusive webinar.

This campaign may include retargeting leads through paid social channels, while also targeting them with an email - all under a single campaign.

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