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Why are InfiniGrow’s numbers different from the numbers that I see in my CRM?
Why are InfiniGrow’s numbers different from the numbers that I see in my CRM?
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InfiniGrow aims to provide you with the most accurate picture of your marketing activities. As a result, we provide several additional layers of data unification, mapping, as well as multi-touch attribution - all can lead to different numbers than those you see in your CRM.

While there could be several reasons for seeing different numbers to those that you see on your CRM, here are some of the most common discrepancies:

1. You may have active filters on your InfiniGrow data

InfinGrow provides advanced filtering capabilities to help you see more accurate data as you explore your customers. Often times, customers have a pre-defined filter set up by default, so you may not notice your filter at first glance.

To disable active filters: go to the Analyze page and make sure there aren’t any active filters

2. Your InfiniGrow funnel may have account-level stages, while your CRM shows user-level data

If, for example, your InfiniGrow funnel is set up so that the MQL stage is grouped by accounts, and a company is already in your CRM when a new contact from that company is introduced, your CRM will show a new MQL while from an account perspective, the lead (company) already exist.

There could be other reasons for such discrepancies - contact your Customer Success Manager and they will help you drill down and fix the issue.

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