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Your first steps with InfiniGrow
Your first steps with InfiniGrow
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InfiniGrow is your secret weapon when it comes to marketing measurement and planning. In order to make the best out of InfiniGrow, you'll need to go through some initial setup stages that will ensure your data is ready and your team is on board.

Below are the four tasks that you should do to jumpstart your journey with InfiniGrow:

  1. Integrate your CRM so that we can provide marketing recommendations based on your most relevant and up to date data.


  2. Integrate your marketing channels so that we can unify & structure your data. This will allow the platform to provide you with lots of actionable insights.

  3. Track your attribution (i.e., install our script on your website), so that InfiniGrow can automatically capture & measure the business impact of your investments across all channels.

  4. Invite your colleagues so that you can ensure complete internal alignment and make sure that all campaigns and activities are executed as planned.

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