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Add InfiniGrow's tracking script to your website
Add InfiniGrow's tracking script to your website
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The first step for using the "Analyze" page is to add a unique tracking script to your site, which is similar to adding a Google Analytics tracking code or a Facebook pixel.

First and foremost - InfiniGrow's tracking script will not affect your site's performance or loading time.

To add the tracking script to your website:

  1. Copy your unique tracking script from here

  2. Add the tracking script to your website. See instructions below to add the tracking script using HTML, Google Tag Manager, and Wordpress.

  3. After adding the tracking script, simply visit your website to activate the tracking script.

Here is a step-by-step guide:


Paste the code above the </head> tag in any HTML page you wish to track.

Google Tag Manager

  1. Go to your account in Google Tag Manager.

  2. In the menu on the left, click Tags.

   3. Click New.

4. Click on the Tag configuration box. In the Choose tag type list select Custom HTML.

5. Paste InfiniGrow's tracking script in the HTML box that appears below.

6. Click the Triggering box.

7. Under Choose a trigger, select All Pages to enable InfiniGrow to track your entire website.

8. In the upper left corner, give a meaningful name to this new tag, such as ″InfiniGrow″.
9. In the upper right corner of the overview click Save.

11. Give the new version a descriptive name and press Publish.


If you haven't installed one already, there are plenty of free WordPress plugins available that will allow you to easily insert external code. Header and footer scripts is a good example of this type of plugin.

  1. In your WordPress admin console, click Add new (under plugins).

  2.  In the search plugins box, search for ″Header and footer scripts″. Click Install Now on the Header and footer scripts plugin.

  3. Once the button text has changed to Activate, click it again to activate the plugin.

  4. After the plugin is added, add InfiniGrow's tracking script to all pages by going to Settings -> Header and footer scripts. Paste InfiniGrow's tracking script in the Scripts in Header box.

  5. Click Save settings.

    When you finish adding your script you will Instantly start tracking each user journey with all of its touchpoints, and automatically credit the right marketing drivers.

*In the first days, because there will be not enough data to show you yet, you’ll see a message to indicate when you’ll be able to see the page’s content.

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