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How to configure your funnel stages in InfiniGrow
How to configure your funnel stages in InfiniGrow
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If you ask 10 marketers how to define an MQL, you'll probably get 10 different answers (this is true even for marketers from the same team 😂).

Every company's qualification process is different, which is why InfiniGrow's CRM configuration process is adaptable to fit your needs so every funnel can be turned into powerful marketing insights.

Need help defining your funnel stages? Check out our full Marketing funnel playbook

This article will walk you through setting up your funnel in InfiniGrow.

Step 1 - Connect your CRM

To reach the CRM configuration module, go to Settings → Integration.

Then connect to your CRM, or click on the cogwheel → CRM Configuration.

Choose your CRM. If you have funnel stages in more than one CRM, choose all CRMs that contain data about funnel stage transitions.

Step 2 - Add funnel stages

Create funnel stages that fit your funnel.

Click "Add stage", then drag and drop the stage to the right position.

Note: InfiniGrow automatically shows the default funnel stages: Leads, Opportunities, Closed-wons and lost. You'll need to add any extra funnel stages you have.

Step 3 - Configure each stage

Configure the fields for each stage to match your CRM.

The default stages (Leads, Opps & Closed wons) will automatically populate based on the most common CRM funnel configurations across SaaS companies.

Our recommendation is to go over the configuration and make sure it fits your exact CRM configuration.

CRM fields:

  1. CRM - Which CRM should InfiniGrow pull this stage’s data from?

  2. CRM Rules:

    1. Object - What CRM object stores this funnel stage’s data? For example, Opps are usually stored in the Opportunity (Salesforce) or Deal (Hubspot) objects.

    2. Field - What field stores this funnel stage’s data? For example, if you’d like to only count deals with a specific stage as Opps, you’ll need to choose the Stage field.

      Values - For the selected field, what values represent this stage?

      Click "Show Advanced Options" if you have any additional rules to set up for this funnel stage

  3. Advanced CRM Rules

    1. Count by - How do you group this stage (by people, deals, company, etc.), what InfiniGrow should count as 1 new transition?

    2. Date - the field that contains the date of the funnel transition. You can leave this empty to use the default field, or use a custom field, such as “Became a {Funnel Stage} date”.

    3. Fallback Date (optional) - an additional date field, as a fallback in case the original Date field is empty.

    4. Notice: If you have more than one way to define the funnel stage, click "OR". It'll open a new rule for you to fill out.

  4. Revenue Stage - In InfiniGrow, you can determine which two stages will be considered as "Revenue stages" (usually Opps & Closed Won). If the funnel stage contains revenue data, make sure the button is set to "Yes". The first stage will be considered as Pipeline and the second as Revenue.

    Switching the revenue stage to "Yes" opens these fields:

    1. Amount field - What CRM field contains the amount information?

    2. Currency field (optional) - What CRM field contains currency that InfiniGrow should use to show the amount data?

    3. Divide the deal amount by - the contract subscription length (the number of months this contract is liable for).

    4. Calculate ARR/MRR - If you have a field with the contract length, use that field here instead of using the “divide deal about by”.

  5. Boomerang

    1. There are times when an existing account journey transitions into lead (or to a later funnel stage) like when a new user from a closed lost journey fills out a new request form. In order to better track the new transitions, we invented "Boomerang", which logs funnel transitions twice or more as new transitions instead of ignoring them. This will be yes by default.

    2. When Boomerang is turned on, a transition can be logged multiple times for the same journey (for example, an account can MQL more than once). When turned off, a transition will be logged once, and a new transition from the same journey will not be logged as a new transition.

After updating/verifying the stage, a green correct sign should appear next to the funnel stage name on the left side of the screen - this indicates that this stage is ready for InfiniGrow.

Once you have configured all stages, click the submit CRM data button, this will save your configuration, and move you on to the next step - Importing CRM fields.

**Learn how to import CRM fields in InfiniGrow in this article.

And this is it!

Your funnel stages and rules can always be updated if anything changes in your CRM.

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