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March 2023
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Hourly data updates

InfiniGrow is now performing constant data syncs with your CRM to ensure that the data you see on your account is accurate and up to date.

Every new CRM record and every update in an existing record will be reflected in your account within an hour. This means that you will never have to wait until the data is refreshed because it's already up to date.

Update past spend

You can now go back and update your actual costs all the way back to...

Well, you can go back as much as you want.

After updating your actual spend on campaigns and channels (such as events), you can analyze their cost efficiency and ROI and finally understand the impact those channels have on the bottom line.

Control Pipeline & Revenue stages

You can now control which funnel stages will be configured as pipeline and revenue stages. This means you can build your sales pipeline in InfiniGrow and analyze each part of it separately.

If you would like to perform any changes in your funnel configuration, please reach out to your CSM.

*note: you can only configure one stage as the Pipeline stage and one as the Revenue stage.

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