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Onboarding experience for new users
Onboarding experience for new users

Getting Started page

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The Getting Started page helps you, as a new user, navigate InfiniGrow platform. By showcasing real examples based on your own data, you can quickly understand how to perform common use cases within InfiniGrow.

If you have the “customized onboarding” enabled, this page would be your landing page.

Here you can find:

  1. Intro demo

  2. Use cases - easily walk through the platform to learn how to:

    1. Explore Journeys

    2. Analyze your data

    3. Gain Insights

    4. Ops Hub

  3. Reports - suggestions for reports which might be relevant for you, and a quick access to create your own report

  4. Business questions - suggestions for relevant business questions which you might want to ask using our AI Answers tool, and a quick access to ask your own questions


Once you complete all use cases, you complete your onboarding and this page would stop being your landing page.

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