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What are analysis flows and how to use them
What are analysis flows and how to use them
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In the Analyze section, you can gain valuable insights about your marketing performance, identify optimization opportunities, and make impactful business decisions. To help streamline your analysis process and increase efficiency, we've created dedicated analysis flows that can help you identify the most powerful insights.


How to access analysis flows?

You can access analysis flows through the Dashboard & Analyze section widgets. Simply click on a metric of any widget to access the "What's Next?" flow options of that metric. You can also access flows through widgets in your custom reports in the Reports section.

For example, if you click on any funnel stage name (e.g. Opps) in the "Funnel View" widget on the Dashboard, you can access the following flows:

  • View journeys - this will take you to the Journeys tab to view all Opportunities account journeys.

  • Breakdown by channel - This will take you to the Channels tab, to analyze Opps attribution by channel.

  • Breakdown by campaign - This will take you to the Campaigns tab, to analyze the Opps attribution by campaign.

What happens when you start a flow?

When you select the next step of the analysis flow, the following will occur:

  1. You'll be redirected to the dedicated widget and Analyze tab.

  2. Relevant filters will be added (if needed).

  3. The timeframe will change (when applicable).

For example, let's say you're analyzing your channel performance and noticing that LinkedIn paid is not as impactful as it was. You might want to perform a campaign analysis of this channel. In the "Channel Impact Analysis" widget, click on the LinkedIn ads name. This will open the "What's Next" menu, where you can click on "Breakdown by campaign" to assess the flow.

Once clicked, InfiniGrow will automatically:

  1. Redirect you to the Campaigns tab, and focus your view on the "Campaign impact analysis" widget.

  2. Apply a "show only LinkedIn paid channel" filter.

The Campaign Impact Analysis widget will show only LinkedIn ads campaigns so you can analyze their performance.

The flow can end here or you can continue with your analysis by opening another "What's Next" menu and deciding what your next step is. When you add more steps to the flow, new filters will be added on top of the existing ones. Before starting a new flow, we recommend removing any filters you may have.

You can also start your flow from a report in the Reports section. Simply click on any metric and choose your next step. During the transition to Analyze, all widget configurations from the report will apply (timeframe, filters, attribution model, etc.) and will be added with any new filters that may be needed.

List of widgets with flows

The following widgets have active flows that you can access by clicking on the metrics inside the widgets:

The Dashboard section

  1. Funnel view.

The Analyze section:

Overview tab:

  1. Overview metrics.

  2. Historical Performance metrics.

  3. Impact by Segment - access by clicking on the name on the left side list.

Channels tab:

  1. Marketing-Attributed Business Impact - access by clicking on the name on the left side list.

  2. Channel Impact Analysis - access by clicking on the channel name.

Campaigns tab:

  1. Campaign Impact Analysis - access by clicking on the campaign name.

Content tab (view by content type):

  1. Content Impact Analysis - access by clicking on the content type name.

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